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About the Clinic Practice Internship

After you have grasp the skill of clinical analysis, which is the major part of TCM practice, you will proud to go to a Chinese clinic, to learn the technique of feeling pulse, inspecting facial color, locating acupoint, and manipulating needle etc. It takes little time to learning techniques and using brain to analysis.

If you wishe to take the clinical internship after finished the online courses selected and passed the relevant exams, we can arrange you to take clinical practice in the Wangjing Hospital attached to the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) in Beijing, China. The mode of internship is to take the clinical practice in the morning and classroom lecture in the afternoon. The internship fee is  US$ 600 per week, which does not include the accommodation and travel fee. The accommodation fee is about US$ 40.00 to US$ 45.00 for a standard room each day. In general, we will hold twice regular internship classes each year, separately in spring and autumn. The detail schedule will be presented in the column of "Study in China".

\The certificate for internship will be issued by the Wangjing hospital attached to CACMS after the student finish the internship (Please see the sample at left). However, it is flexible for you to take it or not based on your financial and time condition. The certificate for the online courses will be issued with out the clinical internship.


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More information about the clinical practice

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