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Tests and Examinations about the Online Courses

In order to control quality of the results, the tests and exams on line are used to determine the student's progress and ability to retain course material. In general, the Mebo students will take twice examinations by E-mail for each course, namely middle and final examination.

You can ask your tutor to send you the middle exam paper when you finish the study of a half of course and prepare to take the exam, then you send back the finished exam paper to your tutor, he will check your answers and give you the score. In the same way you can take the final exam after you finish all of the course study.

Your tutor will give you the exam paper via attached document through email, so apparently you could do the exam in your own computer without connecting directly with Mebo, but therefore a time limit is set for the supervision purpose, i.e. whenever you open the attached document, the time will count down in our place, which then goes for 4 hours. To be more accurate, you will have a four-hour time limit in every Mebo exam.

The exams contain mainly three parts, multiple choice, fill in blanks, and answer questions. There could be variations from one exam to another, with some possible minor adding parts, all dependent on the exam-makers' will.

The exams are answered in a word-format document, which as a matter of fact is the format of the exam papers, so simply you could just fill your answers within or under the titles of the questions.  So it's very simple and easy, you don't need to do it on paper and scan it for the return.

The Mebo exams are very extensive, all the details of the knowledge in the text, but only in the text, not the reading materials, would be involved, according to the exam-maker's decision.

In case (it’s very rare) you fail in one exam, you have a chance to amend it for the success free.

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