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Questions & Answers about Mebo Online courses

Q:  What is the requirement for enrollment the online courses?

A:  We welcome every body who are interested in Chinese medicine and acupuncture as well as Chinese Culture to join in and study Mebo online courses. The aim of Mebo is to promote and transport the traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese culture in the world. There is no special requirement for enrollment.
You can systemicaly learn  the knowledge and technique on Chinese medicine and acupuncture with less time and money from our distance training program step by step.

Q:  When can I commence the TCM online courses?

A:  The uniqueness of online education is that students can commence studies at any point in time suitable to them. You DO NOT have to wait for the beginning of a semester or term.

Q:  Can I save time and costs by studying online courses?

A: Simply put YES! This is possible as you do not have the rigid structure of a classroom situation, therefore you have the flexibility to work at your own pace. The more time you have available to study the quicker you will complete the course. In addition think of the money and time you will save in not having to regularly travel to the institute in China.

Q:  How long will I finish the online courses?

A: In general, each course will take about 3 months for online studying, yet it is flexible, you can shorten or prolong the study-term based on your time condition and learning progress. You have enough time to study the courses.

Q:  What happens if my anticipated time frame changes?

A: Nothing. With the online courses you have far greater flexibility with your time. Indeed, if you find you have less, or even more time available than when you started your studies you are able to tailor your time frame to suit your circumstances and still complete your studies.

Q:  What is the procedure to enroll the online courses?

A: The procedure of enrollment is very simple as following.
1. Please make a registration by clicking "register" at the top left corner in the homepage
2. We will inform you how much and how to pay the tuition fee.
3. We will send you the permission for you to enter the online courses as soon as receiving your payment.
4. You can start the online courses immediately.

Q: How to study the online courses? 

A:  All of the textbooks and reading materials are on line in English. We will give you the permission  to enter  the courses as soon as receiving your payment. And then you can start the online courses immediately.  In addition, we have put the textbooks in pdf on the website also. You can download them to your computer or print out in paper, and then study them one by one..
We will arrange a full-time tutor to guide your study and answer your question during your study. Mebo's tutors are the excellent veterans from the China Academy of  Chinese Medical Sciences and other institutes or hospitals on Chinese Medicine, they will instruct you how to study the courses and answer any questions from their students.

In addition, you can ask any question and make discussion with your tutors and classmate in the Mebo Online-training Students Forum ( they are specially offered to Mebo students). You will be allowed to post the new topics or reply to posts in the Forum after he/she enroll the online courses. The tutors will answer the questions within 24 hrs.

Q:  Do I need to take an exam to receive my Certificate?

A:  YES. In order to control quality of the results, the correspondence program exam consist multiple choice quiz, and case analysis. In the exam you are asked to give the TCM diagnosis and give the prescription of acupoints and herbs.

Q:  How to take the examination?

A:  You will take twice exams by e-mail for each course, namely middle and final exam.

First of all, in the Studying Schedule (on the Mebo website), you could get to know when you should take your exam and what are included in the exams.

Secondly, usually when you a student does feel ready to take the exam, you would write your tutor and then he/she will give you the exam paper via the attached document to emails.

When you have completed answering the exam, please return your answers to your tutur also via the attached document to the emails. 
The Mebo exams usually contain three major parts, Multiple choice, Fill in blanks, and Answering questions, but could be involved in a large extent of knowledge and details from the course text. 
In case (it’s very rare) you fail in one exam, you have a chance in free to amend it for the success.

Q:  How many students graduated from your training program?

A:  There are more than 1500 students from over 100 countries in the world graduated from our Cener. The following is the list for a part of graduated students.

Beijing Mebo TCM Training Center
Address. 18 Beixincang, Dongzhimennei, Beijing 100700 China
TEL:  (0086) 13501283232;    

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