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How to study the online courses

All of the textbooks and reading materials are on line in English.. We will give you the permission to enter the courses as soon as receiving your payment. And then you can start the online courses immediately.  In addition, we have put the textbooks in pdf on the website also. You can download them to your computer or print out in paper, and then study them one by one.
We will arrange a full-time tutor to guide your study and answer your question during your study. Mebo's tutors are the excellent veterans from the China Academy of  Chinese Medical Sciences and other institutes or hospitals on Chinese Medicine, they will instruct you how to study the courses and answer any questions from their students.

In addition, you can ask any question and make discussion with your tutors and classmate in the Mebo Online-training Students Forum ( they are specially offered to Mebo students). You will be allowed to post the new topics or reply to posts in the Forum after he/she enroll the online courses. The tutors will answer the questions within 24 hrs.

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