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Job Opportunities

Job Position: English Language Editor

 Job Responsibilities & Duties:

1. Be responsible for Chinese-English translation for the website. The detailed descriptions are as following:

2.To serve as the English content editor for the website of Company, including editing new content areas and systems for promoting the website accessing.

3. To translate and edit content for all update of website materials

4. To be an interpreter for the foreign students to take class study and clinical internship.

5. To assist Manager with product document and brochure translation, editing and translating TCM magazine.

 Qualifications & Requirements:

1. College graduate or above, majored in English or traditional Chinese medicine

2. CET-6, with Good command of both spoken and written English.

3. With minimum 1+ years related working experience in websites editing & news picking.

4. Excellent computer skills in Windows office, Photochop or Dreamweaver.

5. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills, can work smart under pressure.

6. Good knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine is preferred.




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