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Herb Medicine

This herb is the ripe seed of Cuscuta chinensis Lam or C japonica Choisy , annual parasitic herb of the family Convolvulaceae It is collected in autumn when the seed is ripen, dried in the sun and used unprepared or boiled after removal of impurities
The medicinal value of plants used in Chinese herbology depends on the season and the period of growth that the plant is collected in This has a direct influence on the quality and efficacy of the herb Therefore, it is extremely important that the plant
Herbs should be processed before using or making into various forms Because most Chinese herbs are used unprepared, besides general handling, quite a few should be specifically processed to meet demands for their clinical use Preparation, a traditional
As is the case with many aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many ways to get results When it comes to the steeping of raw herbs for medicinal teas, there are many methods that all serve to draw out the therapeutic qualities from the herbs

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