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A stroke occurs when blood circulation to the brain fails ,Sometimes called a "brain attack,". This cuts off oxygen and can kill brain cells, affecting neurological functions such as speech, vision, coordination, and thought.

Strokes fall into two broad categories: those caused by blood-flow blockage and those caused by bleeding. An ischemic stroke, which occurs when a blood vessel in the brain or neck is blocked, is the most common stroke, responsible for about 80 percent of cases. Such blockages may form within a blood vessel of the brain or neck (thrombosis), may migrate to the brain or neck as a clot from another part of the body (embolism), or may result from severe narrowing of an artery in or leading to the brain (stenosis). Stroke is an equal threat to men and women. It occurs in all age groups and races, though African-Americans suffer more severe strokes and have a death rate nearly double that of whites.

Though most strokes occur in adults over 40, children also have strokes, though these are typically caused by underlying conditions such as congenital heart disease or sickle cell anemia.Sometimes young adults between 20 and 40 fall victim.

The key to this kind of recovery, is to stay focused on getting better and to not lose faith when rehabilitation reaches a plateau. Support from family and friends also is crucial. Improvement is almost glacial at times, But it adds up a step here and a second there and eventually you can walk across the room or down to the corner.   


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