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China promotes int'l TCM cooperation

BEIJING -- China has made headway in promoting international cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) through Confucius Institutes overseas and domestic TCM colleges, data have shown.

Over 240 Confucius Institutes in 78 countries had introduced courses on TCM and Taichi as of December 2019, attracting about 35,000 registered students as well as 185,000 people participating in relevant experiential activities, according to data from the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Domestic TCM colleges across China recruit an average of over 10,000 foreign students majoring in TCM annually, according to the administration.

China has also been working on establishing 30 overseas centers for TCM in countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, bringing therapies such as acupuncture to these countries.

As of December 2019, a total of 388 TCM cooperative projects had been launched with nearly 90 countries, according to the administration.


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