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Africans who study in China bring skills and friendship back home

In south-central China’s Hunan Agricultural University, a student from Cameroon works on the research project of his postgraduate program which entails developing rapeseed drying equipment.
After studying in China for a year and a half, 24-year-old Chu Ke can not only speak Chinese fluently, but can also operate more than 20 kinds of agricultural equipment. His goal is to master the technologies of modern agriculture, before returning to Africa to become a farmer.
In recent years, many Chinese agricultural enterprises have brought advanced technologies and equipment to Cameroon to help improve the crop yield in local areas, said Chu, adding that Chinese people are now teaching locals how to plant rice.
Chu Ke is not the only African student in China. With China-Africa relations continually deepening, more and more young Africans come to China for education. They hope to take what they learn in China back to Africa, and contribute to Africa’s development, according to
The number of Africans studying in China totaled nearly 50,000 by September 2017, with the majority of students enjoying scholarships provided by the Chinese government, reported French newspaper Le Monde.
Universities in Hunan province currently have 1,102 African students enrolled in various majors including agronomy, business management, civil engineering, and mechanics. That figure accounts for more than half of the total number of international students in the province.
Ka Bing is studying clinical medicine at the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine. She wants to bring China’s advanced medical skills to her motherland, Ghana.
“The Chinese government has sent many medical workers to African hospitals, we are so grateful for what they’ve done. They have greatly enhanced the friendship between China and Africa,” said Ka Bing. Ka added that after graduation, she plans to return to Africa and find an internship in a local hospital, where she can help people who are struggling by putting into practice what she has learned in China.
“Many African people have benefited from the advanced medical services of China,” said Ka Bing’s alumna Tina, who has studied Western medicine in Zambia for three years, and now wishes to publish an illustrated book about her experience in China, to help medical students in Africa better understand China.
Arriving in China with the dream of becoming a doctor, Ou Ku cherishes this opportunity in China. He spends his spare time learning as much as possible from his teachers. He has been taught treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, and acupressure.
Ou Ku hopes to see more exchanges in areas concerning young people and friendship between China and Africa. “Young people are the future of Africa, as well as the future of Africa-China cooperation. I’m going to introduce the magic of traditional Chinese medicine to Africa,” he said.
From People's Daily

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