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China-based foreign health professionals increasingly turn to TCM


More foreign health professionals in China are learning and practising traditional Chinese medicine as the latter gains wider recognition around the world.
Idaira, a physician from Spain, is learning Chinese medicine at the Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Kunming, capital of China’s southwest Yunnan province.
Idaira said at the beginning she felt confused when the teacher taught her about the philosophy of Yin and Yang, but she is now happy as the curative effect of TCM is gaining wider recognition.
Miguel, who owns a TCM clinic in Spain, started to learn Chinese medicine 8 years ago. “Thanks to TCM, I’m able to stay healthy,” he said. Miguel was treated with Chinese medicine after suffering injuries in a car accident at the age of 10.
“I think misunderstanding is often caused by cultural differences,” Miguel said. “The most difficult part for foreigners is that Chinese medicine lays strong focus on syndrome differentiation, which doesn’t exist in Western medicine,” he added.
“Some 30 per cent of patients in Spain now choose Chinese medicine for treatment. TCM is a treasure in China and the world at large,” Miguel said.
“Seeing more foreigners learning Chinese medicine makes my patients proud,” said Liang Qing, a doctor at the Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Foreign students love Chinese medicine. They are becoming more skillful because they study hard, according to Liang.
Later this week, a group of students from France will come to learn Chinese medicine at the hospital, Liang said, adding that she is very willing to pass on the core of the practice to foreign students and hopes more people will see the advantages of TCM.
Meanwhile, data from the hospital indicates that it receives nearly 200 foreign students every year from 30 countries and regions. 
By Li Yan (People's Daily Online)  

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