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World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS)

World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) was established by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, registered by the Ministry of Civil Administration, its headquarters is located in the Beijing People's scientific organization. The current Chairman of the Federation - Ms. She Jing is a former Deputy Minister of Health of China, the former head of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology.
At present, the federation includes 251 societies from 67 countries and regions. 
The purpose of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies – to promote mutual understanding and cooperation of Chinese medicine medical societies of all countries (regions), the strengthening of international scientific exchange and raising the professional level of doctors of Chinese medicine, the protection and development of Chinese medicine and to promote the penetration of Chinese medicine in the basic medical direction of all countries; promote the development of Chinese medicine cooperation with different world healthcare systems to make an even greater contribution to the maintenance of humanity health.
Areas of WFCMS’ activity:
 • Preparation and organization of international congresses, symposiums, conferences on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
 • Development and publication of international professional standards in the field of TCM, and implementation on these based the international certification.
 • Experimental and clinical research in the field of TCM, perfection of the TCM theory, methods and culture.
 • Development, organization and implementation of TCM training programs.
 • The application of modern informational technology and the creation of conditions for the exchange of experience among the medical institutes and hospitals, improvement of education and the quality of medical service in TCM. Since 2006 WFCMS supported by the Ministry of Health of China publishes a professional magazine «Journal of World Chinese».
 • Collaboration with different media for the development of TCM internationally.
  WFCMS execute international cooperation and scientific exchange in the field of medical services and treatments. WFCMS confer the Singular international award in the field of medicine - "International Award for Contributions to the Field of Traditional Chinese Medicine" to organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contribution to the development of medical, educational and research activities in the field of TCM, as well as the spread of TCM.
  WFCMS attaches particular importance to broadening of international cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of Chinese medicine, its development and spread throughout the world. Thanks to the efforts of all members, WFCMS gradually becomes a scientific-research base on the internationalization of Chinese medicine, helps to promote the international professional standards, exchange of academic knowledge, information, experts and products.

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