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Three acupressure points for a springtime boost

Acupressure is a similar technique to acupuncture but it doesn't involve needles. It is based on the concept of life energy which flows through "meridians" in the body. Specific points in these meridians can be stimulated to help flush out toxins and boost blood circulation. Whether on the plane or the train, in the office or at home, here are three points on the body to which pressure can be applied to favor relaxation and detoxification.
Acupressure point Lv3 
Bloating, fatigue, too much rich food ... the third point on the liver meridian is the go-to acupressure point for detoxers. It notably helps boost blood circulation. It is located on the foot, just above where the big toe and next toe join. Pressure can be applied in sustained bouts, in small clockwise or anticlockwise rotations or by tapping with fingertips.
Acupressure point ST36
Point 36 on the stomach meridian is located on the lateral side of the leg below the kneecap. It feels like a hollow depression on the outer side of the bone. This point acts on the stomach, easing gut-related troubles, as well as heavy, aching legs due to poor blood circulation in the veins. It can also relieve the heavy feeling in legs after exercise.
Acupressure point SP6
The SP6 point (spleen-pancreas 6) is situated three finger widths above the ankle bone on the inside of the leg. It is a crossroads of three meridians: the spleen, the liver and the kidneys. It is therefore a very powerful point. Stimulating this point on both legs favors the good circulation of blood and energy throughout the body. It is believed to contribute to easing back pain, gynecological problems, irregular or painful periods, insomnia and dizziness, as well as stress reduction.
From AFP Relax News

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