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Coping with prader-willi syndrome with Chinese medicine


The Prader-Willi Syndrome is a chromosome No 15 abnormality. About 70 percent of cases are due to the child's father lacking the No 15 chromosome. The incidence of cases is about one per every 15,000.
The clinical symptoms of this disease are complex. In the neonatal period, the baby usually has a poor suckling ability. Then, when the child is around two, it develops an insatiable appetite. Although this disease cannot be cured, early detection and treatment can greatly improve the patient's quality of life.
In March, after failing to benefit from varied weight loss regimes, Li accepted partial gastrectomy. Meanwhile, obesity has impacted his life severely. He now has high blood pressure, a fatty liver, hyperuricemia, and eight other diseases. To find relief, Li has now resorted to Chinese medicine. And through fire treatment, cupping and acupuncture, he has lost 16 kg in two months.


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