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Diplomats treated with traditional Chinese medicine


A traditional Chinese medicine demonstration base has been launched in a bid to increase the use of TCM services across the world.
The base, jointly launched by the Beijing Diplomatic Service and the city's Chaoyang District on Monday, gives diplomats an opportunity to sample the healing power of traditional Chinese medicine.
The Guoyihui Hospital Management base played host to the first of what is set to become a regular event, "TCM Health Day For Ambassadors".
More than 200 diplomats and their families from more than 80 diplomatic corps attended.
The Grenadian Ambassador to China, Antoine Denis Godwin, tried a heat-sensitive moxibustion treatment.
"It’s amazing and really interesting. My shoulder was in pain but it feels warm and comfortable now."
In addition to traditional treatments, diplomats can check out a health pre-examination machine called Obron that combines elements of Chinese and western medicine.
"It adopts low voltage direct current technology to scan the whole body," machine operator Li Juan said. "The meridians along which acupuncture points are distributed and can be clearly seen in the 3D images."
"It was invented by Polo Smith, a German who has studied TCM in China for five years."

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