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The Acupuncture Portland Has Been Waiting For


There are two gates in every person's life: an outer gate and an inner one. Our outer gate is strong. It's sturdy. It's our best selves that we present to the world. The inner gate is more intimate. It's the gateway into your home. Your health and well-being are personal matters. Inner Gate Acupuncture combines traditional acupuncture with Western sports medicine practices to create precise, personalized treatments to heal a patient's injuries. And this is why Portland's best acupuncture clinic as voted by Willamette Week readers chose to name itself after the inner gate.
Inner Gate Acupuncture is here to help you heal, relax and feel like yourself again. The clinicians at this inner-Southeast facility employ a combination of traditional acupuncture, tuina massage, Chinese herbal medicine and other techniques to find the best treatment for each individual. They also accept most medical and motor vehicle insurance. They're here for you.
They are certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture. This practice integrates Eastern and Western practices for a more comprehensive approach to treating physical injuries. Inner Gate's practitioners perform a thorough examination of the history of a patient's condition to identify the source of the injury and formulate a treatment. A clear diagnosis leads to a more specific treatment and better outcome.
There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to your health. We all have different aches, pains and injuries. Whether you're recovering from a serious back injury or just looking for something to relieve the stress of working a 50-hour week, you will find relief at Inner Gate Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a component of a comprehensive approach to your health. That's why this experienced group of practitioners work with your other providers to ensure you get the best results.
Since 2005, Inner Gate Acupuncture has grown from two acupuncturists to a team of six, but the goal hasn't changed: They're here to help you heal and make it as affordable as possible. Your health and well-being are too important to neglect.
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