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Discussion on the Pathogenesis and Significance of Re-realization on Diabetes

The authors hold that to re-study and re-realize the regulation of whole pathogenic process of Xiaoke (diabetes mellitus) is necessary because the modern society has developed, and the progress in treatment of Xiaoke has made much on reducing the occurrence of acute complications and mortality of the disease.
They also dig out the significance of Blood-Stasis from recent various theories of TCM. From these, they propound that there is a syndrome of both deficiency of Qi and Yin in the pathogenic process of Xiaoke, Which occurs often in patients of middle-late stage.
They also suggest the theory on "Stasis originated from deficiency", and summarize as that in the early stage of Xiaoke, Yin-deficiency is the base and Dry-heat is the superficiality, but in the middle-late stage, deficiency is the base and stasis becomes the superficiality.
In the third part of the article, by analysing the rule in development process of Xiaoke, the authors indicated that the pathogenesis of disease is unitary from beginning to end, and has internal links between cause and effect, it would cover the whole process.
They point out finally that because of Xiaoke and diabetes mellitus is the sole diseases in internal medicine that parallel completely, therefore, this particularity may be significant not only on prevention and treatment of Xiaoke, but also put some enlightenment in the study on pathogenesis and essence of TCM, and would open up new ways in studies on TCM pathogenesis, syndrome, combining syndrome differentiation and disease diagnosis and microcosmic diagnosis, etc.
By Jiang Ji, wang Xiuge

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