Hyper Cholesterol

Observation on Effect of Qingzhi Drink in Treating 52 Cases of Hyperlipidemia, Hypercholesterolemia and Fatty Liver

Objective: To observe the therapeutic effect of Qingzhi Drink (QZD) in treating hyperlipidemia etc.

Methods: Among the 52 cases of treatment group, 25 cases were of hyperlipidemia, l7 cases of hypercholesterolemia and l0 cases of fatty liver. The patients were given QZD, which

Consists of Folium Nelumbinis, Fructus Crataegus, Pericarpium Citrus Reticulata, Semen Cassiae Tora, etc. ground into coarse powder, wrapped in cloth and soaked in boiled water for intaking. 30 days treatment was taken as one therapeutic course. The 52 cases in the control group were treated with inositol hexanicotinat tablet, 2 tablets each time, twice a day. The efficiency was observed 3 months after treatment in both groups.

Result: In the treatment group, there were 28 cases clinically cured, 20 effective, 4 ineffective and the total effective rate 92.3%, While in the control group, there were l2 clinically cured, 2 effective, 20 ineffective and the total effective rate the 6l.5%. The effect of the treatment group was significantly superior to that of the control group.

Conclusion: QZD has good effect in treating hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia and fatty liver. 

(By Yan Ruian, From Clinics of Xinrong Sanatorium of Sichuan Military Area, Chengdu, Sichuan 6l004l, China)

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