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TCM Institute

Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Founded in 1958, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is located in the hot spring area in Fuzhou.

In the last several years, the university has established the educational system and mechanism being geared to the needs of the province, the country and overseas. A new school-running set up has been formed of multipattern, multichannel, multilevel and multiscale. At present, the university consists of are six departments including the department of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) science, orthopaedics & traumatology of traditional Chinese medicine , acupuncture & massage, pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine, etc. The master degree programs include: TCM Basic Theory, TCM Orthopaedics and Traumatology, TCM History, Basic Theory of Integrated TCM-WM, Clinical Science of Integrated TCM-WM and Theory of Epidemic Febrile Disease. The bachelor degree programs include: TCM Science, Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Acupuncture & Moxibustion and Chinese Pharmacology. The secondary training programs include: Chinese Pharmacology, TCM Massage, TCM External Medicine, Clinical Medicine of Integrated TCM-WM, and Management & Administration of Chinese Herbs. In1993, the course of TCM Orthopaedics & Traumatology was evaluated as a key subject by the State TCM Administration Bureau.

The entire staff is over 2300 persons. Among them there are more than 240 professors, associate professors, chief physicians and associate chief physicians..

Attached to the university, there are the Affiliated Provincial People's Hospital, the Affiliated Second Provincial People's Hospital, Fujian Institute of TCM, Fuzhou Pingshan Pharmaceutical Factory, Guoyitang (TCM Expert's Clinic) and six research centers.

In 1993, the university was authorized by the State Education Commission to enroll both postgraduate and undergraduate students from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan. At the same time, the university is listedby the State Education Commission among the first 200 institutes of higher learning capable of admitting foreign students. Nowadays there are about 230 students from Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries studying in the university.

Fujian International Training and Exchange Center of TCM and Fujian TCM Academic Exchange Center Between Fujian and Taiwan was set up in April 1990. Since then, more than 300 medical doctors from Austria, German, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, the United States, France, Spain, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, etc, and over 200 medical doctors from Taiwan have been trained here. The building of "Two Centers" offers good board and lodging for foreigners and students from Hongkong Macao and Taiwan.

Address: N0.282 Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, P.R.China.

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