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TCM Institute

Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine , a key institution of high learning in Jiangsu, was early established in March 1955. Located the west part of Nanjing, the university campus with a beautiful scenery is by the side of The Black Dragon Park.

The university is now one of the four traditional Chinese medicine institutions authorized by The Ministry of Education to enroll overseas students, and the training base for traditional Chinese medicine teachers and clinical pharmacology base entrusted by The Ministry of Public Health. Nanjing International Acupuncture Training Center and WHO Nanjing Collaborative Center on Traditional Medicine are also on the campus. It consists of seven teaching units, viz. international students department, department of basic medical science, department of traditional Chinese medicine, department of traditional Chinese pharmacology, department of acupuncture and tuina, department of social science and department for adult education. There are nine learning branches, i. e. traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine health preserving and rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine surgery, traditional Chinese medicine nursing, Chinese materia medica, Chinese pharmacology, Chinese pharmaceuitics, acupuncture and moxibustion, and Chineses tuina.

The university has a strong faculty of over 1, 000 in teaching and research, including 184 professors, associate professors and senior specialists. Since its establishment, the school has trained over ten thousand three-year curricular, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students in all. It also trained some 1,000 traditional Chinese medicine professionals from more than 70 countries and regions. Some of the outstanding ones have become eminent experts or scholars. Now, there are 2,000 students, including more than 60 graduate and doctoral students.

The university pays much attention to domestic and international academic exchange and cooperation. In recent years, overseas scholars, academic bodies as well as eminent figures came for visits, academic exchange or joint venture programs. Some noted scholars and specialists were appointed guest professors of the university. Each year, faculty members of the school are also invited to conduct seminars, study tours and research abroad. It also sends middle- aged and young teachers abroad for further studies. The university has set up friendly cooperation with medical institutions in the United States, England, Italy, Norway, Germany, etc.

Address: 282, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing, 210029 P. R. China.
Tel: (8625)679-8078

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